Left Chinese without sugar!

ACCELERATOR's experts held a focus group with the Chinese people, who tasted the products of the confectionery "Cheryomushki"

Sharing with you the process and the results.

List of participants: Chinese young people (20-25 years old) from various peovinces of China.


Before helding the focus group, we compiled a survey questionnaire in which participants were asked to rate each product and its packaging on a scale from 1 to 10 (10 very good, 1 - very bad), as well as their habits and preferences regarding the purchase of cakes and pastry.
Мы также составили список общих вопросов, касательно привычек покупки кондитерских изделий в Китае.

Main results:

Almost all products seemed very sweet to the Chinese, so we recommended the customer to revise the recipe and adapt the cakes for the Chinese consumer.
Focus group participants also did not like the packaging of the cakes - neither the design nor the fact that the box is cardboard, and that the cake itself could not be seen through it. At the same time, the Chinese liked the packaging of the cake "Moscow", since it was transparent and through it you could see the cake.