ACCELERATOR of Russian cosmetics RESULTS

Testing of cosmetic products of Russian brands in China.

In January 2018, the specialists of CHINA SMM organized and conducted series of focus groups, interviews in retail chains in Shanghai and cities nearby on cosmetic products of Russian brands.

Objectives of the research:before launching in China, test the products of these Russian brands of cosmetics: Librederm, Horse Force, Barkhatnye ruchki,Chernyy Zhemchug, 100 retseptov krasoty, Lesnoy Bal'zam.

Formats of the research::

• Focus groups with multiple clusters of target audiences in Shanghai and Ningbo;
• Interviews with consumers - in retail shops of these two cities;
• Testing of samples by consumers at home (for two weeks, the Chinese used different types of cosmetics, described the effect and their feelings);
• Analysis of online retail. Specific groups were compared, possible price flow for Russian products were identified, product matrics were compiled in similar segments.


• Cosmetics in China definitely need to be tested among representatives of target audiences, because Chinese skin and hair are very different from other types;
• Product package plays a very important role. Chinese women today have the best choice of cosmetics from all over the world, so their requirements are high. They are very familiar with trends, so our participants liked the old, but still Soviet-like samples of cosmetics in terms of consistency, but they didn't like at all the design;
•The price for Chinese women is important, but not as much as the effect of the product, its usability. The desire to have the best imported products in China today prevails over the desire to save money.

Type of the research: focus-groups
Format: group interview.
Focus-group 1: Target audience: 25-29 years old, women, average income, office workers.
Focus-group 2: Target audience: 30-36 years old, women, average income, office workers.

Type of the research: retail audit.
Fomat: individual interview in the retail channels
Target audience: 25-29 years old, women,average income, office workers.

Type of the research: retail audit.
Format: monitoring online retail channels.